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Monitor your blood oxygen level with this ESP32 based Oximeter. This Oximeter costs less than 10$.

In 2020, the world faced an invisible monster named Corona Virus. This Virus made people very sick & weak. Many people lost their good ones.

There was a big problem initially, the problem was the unavailability of proper medical equipment like the monitors to check the blood oxygen levels, ventilators & disinfectants. In this hour of need, we felt that we could help everyone to teach them how to make a DIY Blood Oxygen Meter. This project is dedicated to the soldiers, Doctors & all government officials who helped us throughout 2020.

Gather the Material:
All the material mentioned here is easily available in your local market as well as online stores.

Esp32 Wroom 32D
Max 30102 Oximeter Sensor
Jumper Cables
Blynk App in smartphone”

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