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So every year I say am going to do this and never get around to doing it because I procrastinate a lot. 2020 is a year of change so I say this is the year to do it. So hope you like and make your own musical Christmas lights. This is going to be a simple guide but next year I plan to do a lot more with this project.

Bluetooth Receiver
Arduino Nano or PRO Mini
MSGEQ7 Module
MSGEQ7 Shield
Relays - Mechanical
Solid State
Solid State 4 channel
8x8 LED display
Solder-able Breadboard
Hook Up Wire Kit
JST Adapters
3.5mm Stereo Jack Socket
Power Supply Module
9V 1A Power Supply
AC Plug, AC sockets and electrical box from any local hardware
Tools used (not bought for this video just general stuff I have):
Solder Iron
Repair Mat
Lead-Free Solder Wire
Magnetic Helping Hands
Circuit Board Holder”

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