This project combines the WS2812B RGB LED matrix and PIR motion sensor to greet visitors with a text.

This project combines 3 WS2812B 8x8 RGB LED matrices and a PIR motion sensor to greet visitors with a text saying “Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!” when they are close enough to the door and display a set of effects like a screensaver on monitors when the sensor is not detecting anyone nearby.

It is controlled by an Arduino UNO and powered by a 5v 30a power supply.

I kitbashed or combined 3 sets of codes.

The ones from the FastLED library DemoReel100 Example for the Idle/Standby Effects.

The PIR Motion Sensor Code

And the setup code for the Neopixel, I think. I’m not really sure anymore, tbh,, since that was almost a month ago when I mashed the codes together.

I also used another PIR motion sensor that is connected to a 5v Relay with a 12v RGB LED String via extension cord and controlled by an Arduino Nano.

The LED String, together with the holiday lights which is also connected to the extension cord gets activated when the 1st PIR sensor detects movement. It is located on ceiling near the 1st step of the stairs.

After a few steps going up, the 2nd PIR sensor tells the UNO to show the Text display on the matrices when someone is near enough to the door.”


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