LoRa Climate Monitor: Easy, Open, Low-Power and with Graphs

Temperature, humidity, lux, pressure. Create LoRa node under 30 minutes. No wiring, no coding. With Ubidots you add graphs and widgets.

Monitoring distant places was never easier. Thanks to LoRa network you can have device working years on batteries. This tutorial explains how measure and send basic environmental variables to the cloud. You can also extent this device for example to detect motion with PIR module or measure temperature with external DS18B20 temperature sensor.

Climate Module is indoor device, measures and sends:

- Temperature
- Humidity
- Illuminance
- Pressure and Altitude
- Module rotation from accelerometer (1 - 6)
- Button press
- Battery voltage
Step 1: Build Hardware
You will need

- Core Module
- LoRa Module
- Mini Battery Module
- Climate Module
- Enclosure 102
- You will need Windows, Linux or macOS computer.

Connect all the modules on top of each other. It does not matter in what order you put modules together unless you use our enclosure with a hole for LoRa antenna.

Put the batteries in and optionally put device into the enclosure.”


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