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A rooftop tomato plant monitoring system powered by SenseCap K1100 kit is presented in this project.

Due to the crisis of agriculture land, it very much important to think about rooftop gardening for food security. Regular maintenance is important for any type of garden. We do rooftop gardening as a hobby. Many of us do not know how to take proper care of the garden. An automated system that can help us in our rooftop gardening, is presented throughout this project. The top view of the system is given below,

Technically, Wio terminal is used as a main controller of our system. We have used soil moisture sensor, waterproof temperature sensor for collecting temperature and moisture data. A electrical conductivity probe (EC probe) is used for capturing pH and salt information of soil. A color sensor is used for collecting color information of the plant. Automatic watering is supported by this system. A motor is used for pumping the water based on soil moisture data (like intelligent plant watering). The micro-controller (Wio terminal) is responsible for collecting sensor data and transferring the data to the cloud.

Mobile application is developed as a result, Users of this system can easily monitor the status of their plants (remotely without visiting the garden). In critical situations, the system will automatically inform the user about the conditions of the plant.”

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