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In order to prevent colony collapse syndrome, we have created an autonomous embedded system to help beekeepers

During our 4th year at Polytech Sorbonne, we took part in the conception and set-up of a monitoring embedded system applied on hives in order to help beekeepers watch the activity of bees and face CCD : Colony Collapse Disorder.

With this system, we can collect the following data :

- The weight( to prevent the decrease of the number of the bees or robbery)
- The temperatures and humidity( inside and outside )the hive to prevent CCD which is especially threatening during winter.
- The lux ( here in percentage depending on the voltage we can see on the solar panel)
- The level of our battery(since we are using to supply the system; the solar panel to recharge allows the system autonomy)
- Some bands of frequencies: First because we can and then because it can useful to determine the state of the bees(rest, stress or work)
All the components will be put in a waterproof box. The microphone, the weight sensor, the box and the temperature & humidity (DHT22) sensor will be under the beehive. Temperature sensors (DS18B20) will be put inside the beehive. The solar panel will be placed on the roof.”

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