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In this project I will demonstrate how we can use Smart Agriculture Devices using Long Range Communication(LoraWan) in Rural areas.

Agriculture is a backbone of very country as it fulfills the local demand as well as helps to generate the revenue by exporting and due to rapid growth of population Food safety is becoming very huge concern as it’s creating food scarcity. But due to rapid growth of technology we can use the resources very wisely to increase the crops yields like by deploying sensors in the field and controlling the use of water, fertilizer and pesticides and later with the use of ML/AI we can take necessary steps to prevent our crops from water scarcity and harsh weathers.

In this whole setup communication plays very vital role to send the information from farms to cloud. Right now researchers are using different types of communication technologies like 3G/4G, GSM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigee, some are long range and some are short range but still there are issues with long range communication like in under developed countries still there are rural areas where mobile communication is issue, range is also issue but 3G/4G connections are also expensive if we talk about hundreds of devices as each devices requies sim card with separate package.

To overcome the above 2 issues which is connectivity and cost there is a new communication technology called lorawan which is providing long range connectivity and no monthly charges so we can easliy sense our firms without paying heavy monthly charges to cellular companies. There are 2 satellites organizations which are providing connectivity for LoraWan Nodes Fossa Sat and Lacuna and in near future its more easy to send data to satellite as compared to LoraWan gateway.

So my project will demonstrate the Smart agriculture monitoring using LoraWan P2P and upload the data to cloud. both nodes are equipped with LoraWan. one node will act like Sender as it’s connected with Soil Moisture, Soil Temperature, Outer Temperature & Humidity sensors. and the 2nd node will act as receiver as well as bridge to cloud, it will receive the data from sender node via LoraWan P2P and upload the data to ThingSpeak Cloud for real time monitoring as well as for future use related to ML/AI. Below Diagram will demonstrate the whole scenario of project.”

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