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Milliohm meter theory and project

let’s measure the smallest resistance ever posses by any wire or any shunt. The proper use of OHM’s law with practical.

Previously, I made some tutorials regarding current measurements using shunt resistor. Basically, shunt is small known resistance which is in series with the load. And by measuring the voltage drop across the resistor we can find the value of current flowing in the circuit. All credit goes to Ohm’s law: V=IR, by knowing the two of them we can find the 3rd value. But the precision and quality factor also depend on resistance.

We can’t measure resistance below 1 ohms using simple multimeter. That’s why a precision milli-ohm meter is required. Which can measure the values from 0.001ohms to 10ohms. In the last we will also make a PCB shield for better project prototype. In this project we are using a small OLED display of 0.96 inch.”

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