IntroHello ladies and gentleman, welcome to my very first instructable! Today, I will be teaching you how to create a piano with main components being a keypad module and a piezo buzzer and have it able to play DO-RE-MI and so on.
The keypad module most often intended purpose, is to be a keypad combined with an arduino RFID to create a safe box for valuable items. In this case I changed the keypad, instead of protecting something I decide to use to speak the simple joy and music.
Idea ConceptThe idea concept for this creation, evolve from a simple happy memory while playing the xylophone when I was younger in music class. The amount of joy and excitement running through my body was at its peak, I mean every kid was easily satisfied and my satisfaction was playing the xylophone.
ResearchAfter your idea light bulb above lights up, a little research must be done. After browsing the web for sometime, I can came across my idea I initially thought of! A keypad module turned piano, someone has created the same project video here. Thinking ahead I needed to add a separate component that would further enhance the project but make it more engaging and be able to call it my own.”


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