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3D printed mower build

Sit back, relax and let the robot do the work. At the same time the grass becomes thick and lush due to the constant mowing. No more grass cuttings - sounds to good to be true….. and by the way you built it yourself…… A great talking point with friends as the mower travels past doing it work 😊

Fully autonomous robot lawn mower. The mower project includes the mower itself a boundary wire control station and an optional charging station. The mower navigates within the boundary wire which is positioned (pinned) around the perimeter of the garden. Once the mower senses the perimeter wire, it stops reverses and moves off in a new direction. The mower also has 3 sonar sensors to detect objects in the mowers path. Once the mowers battery is exhausted, the mower uses the boundary wire to navigate itself back to the charging station. All this can be customised in the Arduino software or completely re-written to your personal preferences.”

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