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Have you ever dreamed to design a robot able to overcome obstacles? Then launch that robot in the space with a SpaceX rocket? And finally explore a new planet and collect incredible datas that will change the future of Humanity?
Then this ‘Instructables’ is for you.
Well, maybe you won’t save humanity at the end of this project BUT you will have a two wheel drive Adapting field Robot, which is pretty sweet.
The project happened in the context of the Bruface programme. Bruface is English-taught Masters programmes in Engineering launched by the ULB and the VUB (Belgian universities). It was asked to design a robot with a functionality. Ideas were given, but we thaught designing our own concept was more fun!

Here are the brains behind the hard work :
Marin ADIL

DC motor JGA25-370 : 12 volt, torque 2000 g/cm X2 (link)
DC motor RS PRO : 12 volt, torque : 8000 g/cm X2 (link)
3D printed wheel parts X4 (CAD files provided)
3D printed motor support X2
3D printed gears X4
Laser cutted Robot support in wood (mdf files provided)
Arduino UNO X1
Ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04 X1
Batteries : AA 1.5 Volts X16
Battery holder X4
Slip Rings : 12 mm of diameter X2
Step Down DSN2596 X1
Drivers L298N X2
Male-Male wires

Female-Female wires

Breadboard for tets X1

Protoboard to solder X1

Please note that these choices are a result of time and budget constraints (3 months and 200€). Other choices can be made at your own discretion.”

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