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- ACDC Conversion Double output voltages (Positive – Ground – Negative)
- Adjustable positive and negative rails
- Just a Single-Output AC transformer
- Output noise (20MHz-BWL, no load): Around 1.12mVpp
- Low noise and stable outputs (ideal to power Opamps and Pre-amplifiers)
- Output Voltage: +/-1.25V to +/-25V Maximum output current: 300mA to 500mA
- Cheap and easy to solder (all component packages are DIP)

A double output low noise power supply is an essential tool for any electronics enthusiast. There are many circumstances that a double-output power supply is necessary such as designing pre-amplifiers and powering OPAMPs. In this article, we are going to build a linear power supply that a user can adjust its positive and negative rails independently. Moreover, just an ordinary single-output AC transformer is used at the input.”

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