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230V AC to 1.5V DC PCB for Your Application

The project is about how to convert 240V AC input power to 1.5V DC output power for your application.

A power management integrated circuit (PMIC) is utilized to supply the necessary power to complex electronic circuits. Designing a primary independent circuit with less low-power electronic elements requires a separate independent power source or a voltage regulator circuit. Therefore, This article will guide designing a primary 1.5V DC power supply circuit, constructed with the help of an IC LM317, thus giving a regulated constant power supply of 1.5V DC. Typically, the primary 1.5V DC voltage controller circuit is utilized on any circuit or device that needs a 1.5V DC steady power supply. The 1.5V DC circuit changes 230V AC to 1.5V DC using a stepdown transformer, a voltage controller IC LM317, and a bridge rectifier.

Necessary Components
- 10uF, 10V Polarized capacitor, small US symbol C1 C_Radial_D4.0mm_H7.0mm_P1.50mm
- 0.01uF Unpolarized capacitor, small symbol C2 C_Disc_D3.8mm_W2.6mm_P2.50mm
- 1N4007 1000V 1A General Purpose Rectifier Diode, DO-41 D3, D4 D_DO-41_SOD81_P10.16mm_Horizontal
- RED LED Light emitting diode, small symbol, filled shape D5 LED_D3.0mm
- GREEN LED Light emitting diode, small symbol, filled shape D6 LED_D3.0mm-3
- 240V AC Generic connector, single row, 01x02, script generated (kicad-library-utils/schlib/autogen/connector/) J1 PinHeader_1x02_P2.54mm_Vertical
- 1.5 V DC Generic connector, single row, 01x02, script generated (kicad-library-utils/schlib/autogen/connector/) J2 PinHeader_1x02_P2.54mm_Vertical
- SK_95_25_STS_TO_220 MP1 HSINK_SK_95_25_STS_TO_220
- 330R Resistor, small US symbol R1, R4 R_Axial_DIN0207_L6.3mm_D2.5mm_P10.16mm_Horizontal 470R Resistor, small US symbol R2 R_Axial_DIN0207_L6.3mm_D2.5mm_P10.16mm_Horizontal
- 100R Resistor, small US symbol R3 R_Axial_DIN0207_L6.3mm_D2.5mm_P10.16mm_Horizontal
- Transformer_1P_1S Transformer, single primary, single secondary T1 Transformer_Breve_TEZ-22x24
- LM317_TO-220 1.5A 35V Adjustable Linear Regulator, TO-220 U1 TO-220-3_Vertical”

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