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This DC Motor controller provides direction and speed control of brushed DC Motor using Rotary Encoder. This is Arduino compatible hardware that consists of LMD18201 DC motor driver chip, Atmega328 microcontroller, Rotary Encoder, L317 regulator, and other components. Hardware offers easy control of brushed DC motor up to 3A with speed, direction, and brake control. The encoder includes a tactile switch, which can be used to control the ON/OFF or Direction of the motor and the encoder helps to set the speed.

A rotary encoder is a type of position sensor which is used for determining the angular position of a rotating shaft. It generates two pulses, according to the rotational movement, these two pulses determine the direction of the shaft and angular position, this encoder is also included with a mechanical switch. Switch and encoder help to control the DC motor speed and direction.

The project can be described in 3 parts, Atmega328 Microcontroller, LMD18201 DC Motor H-bridge, and Rotary Encoder. This board can control DC motor up to 48V DC and continued current up to 3A, peak current 6A.”

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