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Control Board for 6 Servomotors based on Arduino for Robotic

Electronic board based on Arduino with the ATMEGA328P chip, with power rail and PWM control pins for 6 servomotors. Very useful for robotics

In the last few weeks we started developing this robotic arm. It is made up of 5 servomotors. To facilitate its development, it was necessary to create a control center to connect and control all servomotors.

In this application we decided to develop the project of an electronic board to receive power from the circuit, power and control all the project’s servomotors.

In this article we will discuss the functioning of the board’s electronic circuit and show all its features so that it can be applied in numerous robotics projects.Below you can see the 3D image of our printed circuit board.

Therefore, at the end of this article you will learn the following points below:

How the electronic circuit structure of the USB-C Port works,
How the USB-SERIAL converter circuit works with the CH340G CHIP,
+5V Voltage Regulator Circuit, and
ATMEGA328P CHIP configuration circuit.
Now, let’s understand each part of the electronic circuit.”

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