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Uno Plus+

An Arduino UNO Compatible Board with isolated Glowing headers and some Extras

If its not broken don’t fix it, just add some more features. The Uno Plus+ is An Arduino Uno Compatible Board with a twist. All the components are on the bottom giving ample space to clearly label all the pins and even label the second and third function. The Goal of the Uno Plus+ it to take the Arduino Uno, and make it even easier to use. An by adding isolated LED indicators on the IO Pins Debugging and Teaching can be even easier for teachers and student in the STEM Field. With the addition of a Stemma/Quiic connector and an integrated addressable LED can speed the process of developing a Project. An as always this project is completely open source and all design files will be updated to the most current revision below. You can build your own Arduino comparable Uno+ and flash the Firmware with the instructions below.”

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