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This DC Motor controller provides direction and speed control of a brushed DC motor using a Joystick. This is an Arduino compatible open-source hardware with various applications. It can be used to control scissor lift motor, Linear actuator, Camera slider, camera pan-tilt head, curtain motor, power window motor, robotics, smart furniture automation, hospital furniture automation, projector up/down controller, TV up/down controller are few application examples. The board provides superb performance, smooth movement of motor, and hassle-free use. You only need to connect the motor wires, power the board, and you ready to go.

The controller has 3 main elements, Atmega328 Micro-Controller, LMD18201 DC Motor H-bridge, and Joystick connected to A0 Analog pin of microcontroller. This board can control DC motor up to 48V DC with continuous current up to 3A and peak current 6A.”

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