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20A/40V Integrated Power Module for DC Brushless Motors (BLDC)

This project is based on STK984-090A which is a fully-integrated inverter with current rating 20A and supply voltage 40V DC. It has been designed to drive the Brushless DC Motors (BLDC) and permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM), the module works as output driver which include power stage and current sense circuitry, header connector provided to interface with Arduino or other micro-controller for PWM inputs and current feedback. Screw terminals help to connect the motor and power supply. INA168 IC is a current sensor and measures the current across the internal sense resistor and provides an output voltage. This voltage can be feed to Arduino analog pins to detect the current flowing across the MOSFET’s. LM317 voltage regulator provides 5V DC to power the current sense IC INA168 and other logic circuitry. D1 motor power LED. Maximum PWM frequency 20 KHz and duty cycle 10 to 90 % or 100%.”

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