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Using CCM on STM32F303CC

here are many silicon vendors that make MCUs and most of them they use the same cores (e.g. ARM Cortex). Therefore, in order to compete each other, vendors need to make themselves stand out from their competitors and this is done in many different ways. Of course, the most important is the price, but some times that’s not enough, because even the low price doesn’t mean that the controller fits your project. Therefore, vendors come with different peripherals, clocks, power saving modes e.t.c.

Sometimes though, vendors provide some very interesting features in their cores and in this post I will get down to the Core-Coupled Memory (CCM) that you can find in some STM32 MCUs. In this post I’ll use the STM32F303CC, as I’ve already have written a cmake template project for this here that I use for fast development and testing.”

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