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In this guide I will show how you can make your very own bass/guitar pre-amplifier and effects box. I choose to make a hybrid effect box, which mixes the common Black Ice or Electra Distortion distortion effect with the Bazz Fuss fuzz effect. This is combo is great at making you sound like a rock/grunge star. Meanwhile the pre-amplifier makes the input much, much, louder for that added oompf.
Disclaimer: This is a very difficult project to attempt if building it to such a small form factor. I do not recommend trying to make it as small as I made it. Furthermore, rather than a definitive guide consider this instructable as more of a general guide. As the details of your build and your requirements will be subjective and different. I am not responsible for anything if you do attempt to build this and trying to put it into a small form factor breaks it or otherwise.

2x 3.5mm audio jacks
1x locking DPDT push-switch or stomp-switch
1x 1000mAh 4.2V lithium-ion (Li-Po) battery
1x TP4056 Li-Po charging module
2x 50k potentiometers
1x TDA2822 power audio amplifier IC
1x 100uF electrolytic capacitor
1x 470uF electrolytic capacitor
2x 100nF ceramic or film capacitor
1x 10nF ceramic or film capacitor
2x 10k resistors
3x diodes of any kind (silicon, germanium, LEDs? You choose and experiment, I used 1N4007s)
1x NPN transistor (any generic will do, I used a BC357)
2x potentiometer caps
1x injection-moulded project box
1x paper and printer to make panel
Roll of thin double-sided tape
Soldering iron, solder and flux
Wire-wrapping-wire or other thin insulated wire
[optional] wire-wrapping tool
[optional] helping hands and/or magnifier
Drill and/or hot knife
Lots of time, patience and will-power.”

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