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Arduboy Pocket Watch!

Ever wanted a pocket watch that you can play one click games on? Well then this is the project you were looking for!

The first time I saw an Arduboy I immediately knew that I needed one, I also know that I love making stuff so I thought why not make my own special version of it!

So I knew I wanted to build one myself I just needed to figure out how to make it unique and in a way no one has made it before. I also needed it to be simple enough for people to build their own from this tutorial, useful enough for people to want to make their own and innovative enough to wow the judges of the contest xD.

Then it hit me, the best way to want more people to have an arduboy is to make it tell time as well.

Once I knew that I was going to be making a pocket watch, I wanted it to be:

Small enough to fit in any pocket.
Have a long lasting battery (to help battle those boring waits at queues or dentists).
Have the pocket watch stay time accurate for a very long time and keep time even when the main battery is used up.
I think we’ve achieved all three! Now that we are done with the longer-than-I-wanted-it-to-be introduction, let’s dive into this tutorial without any further ado.”

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