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Arduino Based Counting Tree for Children

Counting can be a fun task for young children. Children as young as two may start saying numbers in no particular order. A lot of parents start teaching their kids numbers by counting objects around their home. For example, snacks could be counted as the child eats them or toy cars on the floor could be counted as there are put away for the day.

Eventually children will learn to equate the number symbol (1 10) with the number of objects that are counted. In this project, it will be the number of green lights that light up. A set number of LED lights will illuminate for the button number that was pushed by the child.

The lights were laid out in a triangular pattern that more or less resembles a pine tree or Christmas tree. The first light or number “1” light will be at the top of the Christmas tree. As the number pressed increases, the number of lights that light up will increase from top to bottom. The number “10” will light up the whole Christmas tree. The number buttons were placed at the bottom of the front panel arranged in two rows of 5 buttons each. Each button had a number value placed on it.

I used 10 green round indicator lights that were purchased on Amazon.

Gasher 12V/24V/110V 20mA Energy Saving Indicator Light Mounting Hole Size 22mm (7/8 Inch) Green 10 Pcs: Industrial & Scientific

They are rated up to 12 VDC but they worked fine with the 5 VDC that Arduino provides.

I used regular arcade momentary buttons for the child to press. There are large enough for the child’s smaller fingers and have a very reliable switch mechanism. WMYCONGCONG 10 PCS Push Button with Micro Switch for Jamma Mame Arcade Video Games DIY: Toys & Games

Other components and materials used were:
- Arduino Mega board
- Misc. wires
- Spade connectors
- 9-volt battery power supply bundle
- On/Off switch
- 2.54mm Single Row Right Angle Header Connectors
- ½” thick birch plywood”

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