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Basement Monitoring Using Wio Terminal and Blynk

Monitoring basement to make sure humidity does not rise too high and alert to check if dehumidifier bucket is full.

I live in East Coast of USA where most of the houses have basements, some are finished, some are not. Our basement is semi-finished which means proper dehumidification is not setup. In non-finished basements we need to make sure humidity does not rise too much for a long period of time which helps molds to grow. Toxic mold can irritate your eyes, your respiratory system and cause very unpleasant odors in your basement. Mold can trigger asthma attacks and cause serious problems for individuals who have weakened immune systems. So keeping basement dry is very important thing.

I have a dehumidified running all the time in basement which keeps the basement dry. But problem is, the unit shuts off when the bucket is full of water and eventually humidity goes high. I need to periodically go in the basement and make sure unit is running and empty the bucket when it’s full. But sometimes I forget to check for a week or two.

I am making a device using Wio Terminal and BME680 environmental sensor which will measure temperature, humidity, indoor air quality (IAQ) and noise level. Data will be displayed on the Wio Terminal and also sent to Blynk. When humidity goes beyond pre-defined threshold ( configurable via Blynk app ), Blynk will send push notification to my phone so that I never miss to empty the bucket.”

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