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Hand exercises classification using Wio-Terminal

Classification of rehabilitation exercises for people with arthritis. Practical aspects.

Edge computing is a type of computing in which devices are located at the user’s exact physical location. This allows the devices to interact directly with the user’s source of information (data). This way, it is possible to acquire and analyse signals instantly without sending them over the network for analysis. This ease of access to the data source has been made possible because, in the last decade, these devices have evolved extraordinarily. They are considering Gorden Moore’s law, which states that “the number of transistors in integrated circuits will double approximately every 24 months”, It is possible to understand why we can have such small and powerful devices.

Thanks to this increase in transistors, it is now possible to have microcontrollers capable of solving complex equations and even incorporating Deel Learning (DL) models.

These edge devices are essential today, as humanity generates so much data daily that it would be complicated and costly to send it to server farms for further analysis. If we add to this the energy requirements that these farms require for their operation, we can realise that edge computing and Edge-AI is the solution to many of today’s problems.”

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