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ESP8266 SMD to DIP adapter

A breadboard-friendly adapter for the ESP-12

I’ve been using the ESP8266 on some development boards (Wemos D1, NodeMCU, ESP DevKitC, etc.) for a while now. But recently, I started to research how I could develop embedded systems beyond the Arduino framework.

Thus I wanted to experiment with the ESP8266 RTOS SDK and have a way of toying around, so I figured out that using a breadboard is the way to go. But there’s a significant problem. You can’t solder some regular 0.1” pins to the IC.

Designing the PCB
I wanted to keep things simple. So I created a layout that felt neat and organized for a breadboard (Keep in mind this is one of my first PCBs ever :P), putting the “special” pins on one side of the board and the “free” GPIO pins on the other side.”

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