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Broadlink RM Mini 3: From Broadlink 3323 to ESP8266

How to insert an ESP8266 into the device and how to use it with Tasmota and MQTT.

The story is really simple: I bought this RM Mini 3 some years ago. From a day to other it refuse to work, so after opening it and seeing that the module was not an ESP, I put it in a box until some time ago.

Since the module was very similar in appearance to a ESP-12 I had in my drawer for long time, I searched for informations about a possible change.

So I found this rare link to a post where another RM Mini 3 owner shared the hard-hitting informations he retrived. The post mentions this other link and I started from this informations.

I removed, with some problems, the old “brain” uncovering the pads.”

Link to article