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Arduino library to add a serial console to your ESP32 console. It includes some useful commands and allows to easily add your own custom commands.

This easily allows you to control and configure your control via serial console in a comfortable and easy way.

This library encapsulates the Console component included in the ESP-IDF and allows to use it in an easy “Arduino-way”.

- Simple to use
- Navigatable history, autocompletion with tab for commands (when using an ANSI terminal)
- Persistent history if wished (history gets saved across reboots)
- Many useful commands included like showing infos about system, memory, network and more (see for more info)
- Console works in its own asynchronous task, so you can use your arduino loop() function as you like
- Support for environment variables and variable interpolation in commands
- Easy to implement own commands
- Easy to use argument parsing using cxxopts (see argparser example)
- Customizable prompt
- Ships a simple file editor to modify and create files locally on system if wanted”

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