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The goal of this Instructable was to build a lap timer and lap counter for my son’s Carrera 1:43 slot car set. While the mechanical lap counter worked as it should we wanted to start logging the lap times of cars. Therefore, the hunt for a timing solution. Since most of my time and money has been dedicated to my 1:32/1:24 track setup, I needed an inexpensive solution. As an Arduino hobbyist, I already had all the pieces and parts to make this happen. Great economical solution!

This circuit will…

Display best lap time
Display current lap time
Display total laps traveled
This setup can realistically be used in any slot car lap timing and counting scenario. Feel free to try it on your 1:32 or 1:24 scale track as well. Simply replace the magnet switch test setup with any number of other sensors. As you will see I opted to go with an Opto IR Sensor instead of magnetic reed switch for more reliable results. As the guide blade passes through the slot sensor it will register the completion of your lap and display lap time.

After you get this running design your own custom box or mounting system and enjoy your racing.”

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