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Hii! My name is Ishaan and I am 17 years old. In this instructable, I’m going to make a Resistor sorting device. This is based on a real-life problem. Also, this project is entirely made from trash.

Why do you want to Stop using multimeters since it is the tool used to check resistance? Well, it’s all about the amount of energy, time, and human labor involved. In most of the electronics labs, there is a box full of resistors. Using a multimeter or color code to sort the required resistor was not an efficient idea. So I decided to use some technology to help myself and other students in the lab.


Empty shoebox(in proper condition)
A4 size sheet
Glue gun and Electronic tape
Wood or something hard for the base.
Thermocol sheet(2cm width)
Little pieces of pipe(basically a hollow cylinder) for the resistors to pass through it.
Aluminum foil (10cm * 10cm)

Arduino Mega:
Resistor 100k Ohm
led 2 Red and Green
Jumper Wires 30 - 40
Bread Board
2 Standard Keypad 1 (43)_
_LCD Display 1 (16

Mini Servo motor(180 degrees)
Led strip(optional)

NOTE - Except for Arduino Mega, all the hardware and electronics parts have been taken from waste materials/discarded items.

Example- LCD from discarded radio toy, servo from broken toys, led strip from a toy car.”

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