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Cornstarch mini pottery machine, and built with an old printer and cd-player

My idea was born from the experience of seeing and buying samples of miniature pottery made of clay. Some time later, I had the concern to learn to work this art but with recycled material and I found that in my country it is popular to do it with corn starch only that certain rules had to be followed to obtain a good quality mixture. Finally, I am exploring this project that continually undergoes changes because I am experiencing many things that I share with you in this work. This is a machine that I use to work miniature pottery made mainly with cornstarch. This is a sustainable idea that respects nature and promotes the circular economy

This is a project focused on sustainability, and in its first version I faced the challenges shown below:

- Reuse and modify an old printer to place and organize the components and supplies for this project;
- Reuse an old cd-payer motor to work and experiment with miniature pottery;
- Recycle organic matter such as cornstarch to create miniature pottery. To achieve this goal, I have experimented and found the amount of material necessary to obtain a good job, that is, of good quality and resistance; and
- This work promotes the circular economy, since it proposes a completely different approach that allows stimulating economic growth and generating self-employment without compromising the environment. When this material ends its useful life, then it will be returned to nature as compost without any problem.”

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