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In this instructable, I’d like to share how to build a vertical plotter that can draw texts and images on the blackboard.
Let’s getting started.

Main components:

1pcs x Arduino Mega 2560.
1pcs x RAMPS 1.4 Controller.
2pcs x A4988 Stepper Driver Module.
2pcs x Stepper Motor NEMA 17.
1pcs x Servo Motor SG90.
1pcs x Blackboard Dimension 780x1200mm.
1pcs x GT2 6mm Timing Belt 2000mm.
2pcs x GT2 Timing Pulley 80 Teeth.
2pcs x XH2.54mm – 4P 20cm Wire Cable Double Connector.
2 meter x 8P Rainbow Ribbon Cable.
2 meter x Two cores Power Cable.
1 meter x PVC Square Plastic Electrical Conduit.
1pcs x Empty Plastic Coil Spool. I reuse empty plastic coils that is used to coil the soldering tin wires.
2pcs x Cable Gland For 8 - 12mm Cable Diameter.
16pcs x Round Neodymium Magnets 10mm x 2mm.
1pcs x Power Supply 12/24 VDC.
1pcs x Arduino programming cable with length 1.8m.
Some nut M10, cable ties, paper A1 size.

Blackboard V-Plotter is a kind of CNC plotter that draws texts and pictures by moving a pen on a vertical surface. It has a simple mechanical structure, including:

One blackboard.
Two stepper motors with pulleys and belts.
One pen lifting micro servo.
Couple of counterweights.
And gravity force.
I have an 780 x 1200mm blackboard that my kids no longer use, so I make use of it to build a vertical plotter. My vertical plotter configuration is described in the picture below.”

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