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BigBit Binary Clock Display

In a previous Instructable (Microbit Binary Clock), the project was ideal as a portable desktop appliance as the display was quite small.
It therefore seemed appropriate that the next version should be a mantel or wall mounted version but much bigger.
There would be no need to reconstruct another controller but to use the existing clock and add an interface for the display.
This Instructable details the process of creating the BigBit display and the software updates to the existing clock.

Perspex Adhesive
Black Perspex Sheet 21.5cm x 21.5cm x 5mm
3D Printer for plaques & nut holder (optional), as these could be created by other means.
2 part Epoxy Resin
M2.5/8mm screws * 13 qty
M2.5 washers * 13 qty
WS2812Neopixel Button LED’s * 25 qty.
Enamelled Copper Wire 21 AWG or other insulated wire.
2mm drill bit
2.5mm drill bit
8mm drill bit
30mm Forstner drill bit
Jumpers M/F
Straight pin headers
Hemispherical Silicone moulds 28mm”

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