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Hi! First of all, I wanna thank you just because you are my instructable. This is my first one and I want to share my knowledge and Ideas to the biggest number of people. I want to say also that English is not my mother tongue. Sorry for any mistake or bad grammar :D. So….lets move on! The Idea I am a chess player with many years of practice. When people ask me “What sport you like to do more?” I always say “chess, of course”. Since many years the high-level chess competitions are considered a sport and I love it. You have so much techniques you can use…And this takes me to the problem this instructable tries to solve: the people with incapability, like the ones who lose the hands/arms (it is a big problem) cant play chess! Well… they can play if the other player moves for them the pieces…But if the 2 players have got some kind of problem? And if the player is playing with himself? Or, if you dont want to make this instructable not for somebody but just to have a cool and different chess board? (By the way, if you are a lazy person this project is exactly for you!) Because of all of this, I found an interesting solution for this problem. Why we dont use a voice commanded chess board? It would be stupendous!”

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