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We will start building the GPS Guided Robot in just a moment but first let me give you a little background on how this project came about. If your not interested in how the robot came into existence and why, feel free to skip to the next step.

It is probably obvious to anyone who looks at my YouTube channel that I love to metal detect, It’s also obvious that I enjoy all things Arduino and building Robots. Up until a few years ago, 2014; I had never even heard of an Arduino until I stumbled upon a YouTube Video by Bob Rudolph aka (SentryGun53). I was very impressed to say the least! Using a laptop computer, a Logitech camera, and an Arduino connected to a few servos, the Project Gun would track the person or object and shoot them with a Paintball gun. Awesome! I had to build one myself! But how was I going to do it?

I knew a little about programming, I have a degree in Computer Information Systems, but I knew nothing about microprocessors or anything about robotics. It seemed like an impossible task. Eventually after about three months of immersing myself in Arduino YouTube video tutorials, Arduino Books, magazines; I finally started to build my own project sentry gun and it worked! Much to my amazement!”

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