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AI becomes anchor of Nanning TV

Aquarium Light PWM With Arduino

Arduino Trash-Bot (auto open close trash bin) V

Building Nanomaterials for Next-Generation Computing

Cometh the cyborg: improved integration of living muscles into robots V

Dawn Mission: New Orbit, New Opportunities

DIY SR Latch Out of Transistors

Engineers design color-changing compression bandage

First 3D printed human corneas V

Flexible and dynamic transport solution for future 5G communications developed

For Small Screens to Large: Introducing a New Suite of IP for Premium Mobile Experiences

GLOBALFOUNDRIES Enters Volume Production of Ultra High Voltage Process Technology for Industrial and Power Applications

High-Speed, High-Resolution Motor-Driver Board from STMicroelectronics Maximizes Open-Source 3D-Printer Performance

Man Teleports Into Miniature Vehicle in Stunning On-Stage Demo at GTC Taiwan

New 3D printing technique enables faster, better, and cheaper models of patient-specific medical data for research and diagnosis

Northwestern researchers predict materials to stabilize record-high capacity lithium-ion battery

Novel Power Meter Opens the Door for In-Situ, Real-Time Monitoring of High-Power Lasers

Pipe Flange Basics

Raspberry Pi Image Recognition with Alexa Voice

Recycled electrical products lead to hazardous chemicals appearing in everyday items

Reimagining the Data Center Memory and Storage Hierarchy

Remote Control Your Arduino Robot

Researchers explore new applications for “Smart” Material

Robotic Servo Arm V

Samsung Enables More Appealing Gaming Experience with Introduction of 10nm-Class 32GB DDR4 SoDIMMs

Scientists unlock the secrets of Pluto’s methane dunes

The first 3D-concrete printing housing project

The MagPI 70

Toshiba’s Arm Cortex M Core-based Microcontrollers Support Mbed OS

TRS-80 Model 1 on a PIC32 V

Turning up the heat on thermoelectrics

UART This! Serial Control of Stepper Motors With the TMC2208, Ramps 1.4 and Marlin

Universal Arduino Controller

Virgin Galactic’s spaceplane hits new heights in second powered flight V

What is an ETA Nixie Tube Clock and How Do You Build One?

newelectronics de 22 de Maio 2018

2-Year Ultra Low-Power LED Flasher

3D Printed Raspberry Pi Zero Robot V

Arduino Air Bonsai Levitation V

Arduino Joystick Servo Control Using 1Sheeld V

ATtiny Seven Segment Display Timer V


Dual Adjustable Power Supply


Hanging Gear Clock

Ingestible “bacteria on a chip” could help diagnose disease V

Iot123 - I2C Brick Prototyping Slave

Led Tester

Make an Illuminated Rainbow Synthesizer With an Arduino! V

Mini CNC Laser Wood Engraver and Paper Cutter.

One Wheeled Robot V

Organic light-emitting diodes become brighter and more durable

Research enhances enzyme that degrades plastic

Universal USB Keyboard With RGB Switches V

Vending Machine V

VISUINO Smart Robot Car 315mhz Remote Control Module XD-YK04 V

100W Inverter Circuit V

2d_points: generate 2D shapes as arrays of points in OpenSCAD

3D Printed Prosthetic Hand With Capacitive Touch Sensing V

A Better Way to Control Crystal Vibrations

Adding the Nokia 5110 LCD to your Arduino Data Logger

Alexa Controlled Solenoid Using WEMO D1 Mini V

Arduino I2C Sniffer

Arduino Neural Network Self Balancing Two Wheel Robot V

Arduino & Python3 Temperature Data Visualizer

ATtiny85 20MHz Internal Clock

counting bees on a rasp pi with a conv net

Customizable Curved Overhang Tester

Linear clock V

Polymer crystals hold key to record-breaking energy transport

Rare element to provide better material for high-speed electronics

Raspberry PI: Charting Ambient vs Outside Temperature

Researchers to Develop Self-Evaluating Robots

RPi Weather Station and Digital Clock V

Servo Controlled Prosthetic Hand

Simple RPM Meter Using Cheap Modules V

Solar Tracking With Arduino - Intelligent System V

Supertetrahedra Lego for future batteries

Volumio Mini Music Player

Wood to Supercapacitors

3-D printed sugar scaffolds offer sweet solution for tissue engineering, device manufacturing V

Arduino power logger - DIY

Beyond the limits of conventional electronics: stable organic molecular nanowires

DIY Submersible ROV V

DoggoBot Version 1

Fume Extractor V

HackSpace magazine #7

HispaBrick Magazine 030

LED Sand in a Box V

Making massive leaps in electronics at nano-scale

New nano building block takes a bow

New Study First to Demonstrate a Chip-Scale Broadband Optical System that Can Sense Molecules in the Mid-Infrared

Nuclear physicists leap into quantum computing with first simulations of atomic nucleus

Qualcomm and Baidu PaddlePaddle Work Together on Exploring On-Device AI Applications

Research reveals how order first appears in liquid crystals

Sensor Plotting with Mu and CircuitPython V

“These could revolutionize the world” — Pint cracks code to cheap, small carbon nanotubes V

Understanding the Generation of Light-Induced Electrical Current in Atomically Thin Nanomaterials

3D-7-Segment-Digital-Clock V

A Micro:bit Dive-o-Meter V

Animatronic Hand V

Arduino Range Measurer and Digital Spirit Level Project V

Columbia Researchers Squeeze Light into Nanoscale Devices and Circuits

DIY:Portable Distance Detection Device

Earthquake Detector using Arduino and MPU-6050 V


Fleet of autonomous boats could service some cities, reducing road traffic V

Keep the Light Off: A Material with Improved Mechanical Performance in the Dark

Mbed OS 5.8.5 released

Microcontroller Measures Heart Rate Through Fingertip V

New mineral reaction path discovered

NIST Puts the Optical Microscope Under the Microscope to Achieve Atomic Accuracy

PIC16F1847 and AR1010 Based FM Radio Music Box V

Quarks Feel the Pressure in the Proton

Solar Energy Storage Problem May be Solved in New Single-System Technology

Tunable third harmonic generation in graphene paves the way to high-speed optical communications and signal processing

Using 3D X-Rays to Measure Particle Movement Inside Lithium Ion Batteries

Valves for tiny particles V

WiFi Controlled Camera Slider V

ZIPY - A Homebrew Inverted Pendulum and Control System V

2D actuator move micro robot in X/Y 2D space V

A Turning Point for Humanity: Redefining the World’s Measurement System

ATtiny84/85 SPI Interface Pin Reuse

Centuries-old Foundry Process Finds New High-Tech Use

Easily Implement Low-power Touch Pads with Surface Gestures Using Microchip’s New Software Library

Haptic Glove for the Blind

Muscle-Music With Arduino V

New research into the use of composite materials aims to reduce bridge costs and provide more durable wind turbines

Pocket Metal Locator - Arduino V

Professor’s Processor May End Silence for Those Without a Voice

Scientists Turn X-ray Laser Into World’s Fastest Water Heater

Soft Machines

SpaceX Launches Twin NASA Probes to Track Earth’s Water (and Satellites Hitch a Ride) V

Stickman: Towards a Human Scale Acrobatic Robot V

Strain game: Leveraging imperfections to create better-behaved quantum dots

Tiny Scope for Arduino

Tunable diamond string may hold key to quantum memory

Wedding / Event Photobooth V

A High-Performance and Cost Effective Hydrogen Sensor

DIY - Automatic Garage Light V

DIY - Coil Winding Machine V

DIY Exploding Wall Clock With Motion Lighting V

GRACE-FO Spacecraft Ready to Launch

Hydrosys4 - DIY Automatic irrigation system with APP

Making carbon nanotubes as usable as common plastics

Pill Me Please - The Automated Pill Packaging Machine! V

Raspberry Pi G-CODE interpreter V

Robotic Assembly of the World’s Smallest House — Even A Mite Doesn’t Fit Through the Door!

Self-illuminating pixels for a new display generation

StyloCard V

The Lazarus Hand V

ElectroCard V

Green Means Go! Red, Stay in BED!!!

Laundry spy

Neopixel Clock V

Oscilloscope,Frequency Counter and Component Tester Using Arduino V

PiGI - A Raspberry Pi Geiger-Mueller Interface

Art Deco FM Radio Project Using Arduino V

Home Automation: Automatic Switch Board With Dimmer Control Via Bluetooth Using Tiva TM4C123G

Inside the 76477 Space Invaders sound effect chip: digital logic implemented with I2L

Rutgers Researchers Create a 3D-Printed Smart Gel That Walks Underwater, Moves Objects V

Smart Greenhouse Sensors V

A Soft Solution to the Hard Problem of Energy Storage

Albatross robot takes flight V

BBQ Thermometer

Flexible, Highly Efficient Multimodal Energy Harvesting

IOT123 - Icos Panel Circuit Tester

Making Radio Chips for Hell

Microsoft Quantum helps Case Western Reserve University advance MRI research

Monitoring a Greenhouse with Ubuntu

NickelBot V

Open NSynth Super

Researchers develop virtual-reality testing ground for drones V

Say hello to the next generation of Arduino boards!

Solar Powered Environmental Monitoring Kit

Supersonic waves may help electronics beat the heat

Surgeons Use 3D Printing for Two-Year-Old’s Life-Saving Kidney Transplant at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

World’s strongest bio-material outperforms steel and spider silk

3D Printed NeoPixel Ring Butterfly With Tinkercad V

A micro-thermometer to record tiny temperature changes

An electronic rescue dog

Arduino As a Cheap Breadboard FPGA

Autonomous RC Car V

BWOOM Mask Reimagined + Arduino V

Card Reading Shop Power Switch V

Development of a 3D Stacking Process for Non-Volatile MRAM

Drone Claw V

Email encryption standards hacked

Further confirmation of quantum mechanics

Graphene-based sensor learns to feel like a human

Intel at 50: Intel’s 1101

IOT123 - Idc Cable Tester (6 Wire)

Keeping Tabs on Polysulfides in Batteries

Lantern V

NEC and AIST Develop Efficient Technology for Discovery of Rare Critical Events by Merging AI and Simulation Technologies

New device could increase battery life of electronic devices by more than a hundred-fold

PiggyFuse HVSP AVR fuse programmer

Planned supercomputer would be 10 times faster than today’s No 1

Plug-and-play diagnostic devices V

Processing Glass Like a Polymer

Researchers Control the Properties of Graphene Transistors Using Pressure

Self-assembling 3D battery would charge in seconds

Small Packages to Test Big Space Technology Advances

Triangle to Square - Magic Triangle

Ultrasmall Ultrastable DIY UHF Spy Bug V

Weather Pyramid

Arduino Inverted Magnetron Tansducer Gauge Readout V

Build a Smart Garden with IoT Plant Monitoring System

Capillary Forces at Work for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries

GPS Clock Time Adjusted to Timezone and Daylight Saving Time V

Humans and machines learn together to win a competition

‘Lost’ Asteroid 2010 WC9 Will Make an Unusually Close Flyby of Earth Today

No Motor, No Battery, No Problem V

Poor mans Bash Bunny

Reflowduino V

Safer Surgery: Engineer Seeks To Refine Robot-assisted Operations

Scientists discover how a pinch of salt can improve battery performance

SPEBEG (Single Player Eight Bit Electronic Game) V

The first wireless flying robotic insect takes off V

UCLA engineer develops 3D printer that can create complex biological tissues

Understanding the proton’s weak side

Arduino-Based Shower Radio

Arduino Synth / Tone Generator V

ATtiny85 Plants Care

BANGABANDHU Satellite-1 Mission V

Capacitive Touch With PIC12F675

Creating a Zynq or FPGA-Based, Image Processing Platform

Digital Circuits 6: An EPROM Emulator

Frequency-stable laser systems for space

Hanging by a Nanowhisker

How to Make a Mini Tesla Tower V

Insight into quantum chaos may be the key to quantum computers

Intel at 50: Intel’s First Product - the 3101

New Material for Generating Energy-Efficient Spin Currents

Please Touch: 3D Printed Anatomy Can Make Surgery A Hands-On Experience For Everyone

RC Rover Controlled by Gestures Motions & Joyestick

Researchers offer new technology for liquid-crystal displays

RGB LED Matrix With an ESP8266 V

Robot Teaches Itself How to Dress People V

Smart Energy Saver for Your Home

The JClock

The MKR family gets bigger with two new IoT boards!

The photoexcited graphene puzzle solved

UTA researchers develop highly elastic biodegradable hydrogel for bio-printing of new tissues

Waterloo chemists create faster and more efficient way to process information

Wearable Ring, Wristband Allow Users to Control Smart Tech With Hand Gestures V

Arduino goes to college with the new Arduino Engineering Kit! V

A designer’s toolkit for constructing complex nanoparticles

Arduino Drone With GPS

Arduino Nixie Clock & Weather Station

Computer-Designed Customized Regenerative Heart Valves

Lockable Gift Box

Making safer and more powerful lithium-ion batteries requires the right recipe V

NASA Spacecraft Discovers New Magnetic Process in Turbulent Space V

NRF24L01 DMX Relay Module V

Researchers Hide Information in Plain Text

Revealing the mysteries of superconductors: Ames Lab’s new scope takes a closer look

Smart Universal IR Remote V

Toshiba Redefines the Limit of Intercity Secure Communications

Yale physicists find signs of a time crystal

A Maze Running Game for PIC16F18313 Microcontrollers V

An Arduino Based Moped Display

Arduino Door Bell With VU Meter

Autonomous Fire Hazard System V

Fundamental equations guide marine robots to optimal sampling sites

newelectronics 8 Maio 2018

Strain Improves Performance of Atomically Thin Semiconductor Material

The Artificial Plant Emotion Expressor (A.P.E.X.) V

USTC Develops All-optically Controlled Non-Reciprocal Multifunctional Photonic Devices

Achieving Unprecedented Frequency Control in Miniature Lasers

Engineers studying nanodefects suspected of causing early failures of electrical materials

ESP8266, BMP280, MQTT Weather Station

Fast SSD1306 OLED drawing with I2C bit banging

Google announces a new generation for its TPU machine learning hardware

How to Hack and Upgrade Your Car, Using CAN Bus V

Infrared spectrometer on a chip

IR Remote Wand

Low Cost DDS Function Generator for Makers V

Make a Countdown Timer With Micro:bit

Mbed OS 5.8.4 released

Motorized Turntable V

Penn Neurosurgeons and Otolaryngologists Perform First-in-World Robot-Assisted Spinal Surgery

Physicists at FAU generate attosecond electron pulses with laser light

Publish an Event with ESP8266 via Wia’s MQTT API

QuizzPi V

Researcher develops a new generation of graphene

Theory for one type of superconductor solves puzzle in another

555 PWM Motor Controller V

A Micro:bit Directional Indicator for Bicycle Helmets V

A reimagined future for sustainable nanomaterials

Android On-The-Go (OTG) LC-Meter

Arduino Persistance Of vision Clock

Blood Pulse Monitor V

Computer scientists have found the longest straight line you could sail without hitting land

ESP8266 WiFi Enabled Twitter Search Enabled LED Belt Buckle

Hello World issue 5

IOT123 - Assimilate Sensor: Max9812

IOT123 - I2C Max9812 Brick

IR Thermal Camera V

MSP430 Breadboard Audio Spectrum Analyser V

Next-gen railway sleepers can produce electricity

pedalSHIELD MEGA Arduino Guitar Pedal V

Pi1541 V

Remote Controlled Strandbeest V

Research removes obstacle to lasers and computers working at speed of light

The apparent inner calm of quantum materials

U of T researchers develop portable 3D skin printer to repair deep wounds

Unusual Magnetic Structure May Support Next-Generation Technology

Use A Comparator Or Op-amp To Simplify Light Dependent Resistor Output

Water-repellent surfaces can efficiently boil water, keep electronics cool

A 360 leds clock

BGU Researchers Develop First Robotic System for Rehab That Plays a Game to Improve Real-Life Task Performance V

Say Hello to Android Things 1.0

A step towards cheap aluminium batteries

ATMEGA2560 Standalone Using Arduino UNO

BGU Invents Portable Robot Chauffeur V

Blackhole Lamp V

Bluetooth Controlled 4wd Arduino Robot

China developing a reusable launch vehicle

Coughing Planter V

Custom Silicon Microparticles Dynamically Reconfigure On Demand V

DIY 2D Plotter Shield for Arduino Nano With L293d

DIY Night Clock Projector

ESP8266 SPI Spy

Hexagon Infinity Mirror With LED Lights and Laser Wire

Infrared NEC Protocol Encoder and Decoder Board

Intelli-Buoy II (Autonomous Floating Buoy for the Detection of Water Pollution in Bodies of Water)

Make your BeagleBone Black am355x magically turn itself on with the built-in alarm clock V

Making meshes using Turing’s mathematical model results in efficient water filters

MX Cherry OEM Profile Keycaps library (OpenSCAD)

QuadMeUp Crossbow V

Remote Control Car w/ PocketBeagle and Arduino

Scientists Pinpoint Energy Flowing Through Vibrations in Superconducting Crystals

Simple Easy Diy Light Following Robot Without Micro Controller. (anybody Can Make ROBOT) V

Smart skin for flexible monitoring V

Solar Panel Monitoring Using Particle Photon

Stable FM Transmitter

Surefly passenger drone performs first manned flight V

Temperature and Humidity Monitor Device With Arduino

Ultrafast Atomic Snapshots Reveal Energy Flow in Superconductor

Mining For Gold With A Computer

Time Traveling Elevator - Theater Prop V

Watching nanomaterials form in 4D

Announcing the release of Fedora 28

Arduino MIDI Arpeggiator V

BigRep Defies Conventions with Custom Wheel Rims

Cheap 3-D Printer Can Produce Self-Folding Materials V

Chemists Develop MRI-Like Technique to Detect What Ails Batteries

DIY Weighing Machine V

Drone Guinness record broken above Chinese ancient city wall V

Ez Arduino MiniKame Mk2 - Making a 8 DOF 3D Print Quadruped Robot V

IOT123 - I2C Temt6000 Brick

Morphing twisted nanoscale objects opens up a new way to tailor applications in future technologies

NASA’s First Mission to Study the Interior of Mars Awaits May 5 Launch

Neo Pixel, Fastest Thumb Game. V

New thermal coatings for spacecraft and satellites developed using metamaterials

NodeMCU Relay Controlled Solenoid Valve

NonBlocking APDS9960 Gesture Sensor Implementation

NUS engineers invent smart microchip that can self-start and operate when battery runs out

Pocket Pi - a Raspberry Pi Computer for Under $150

The Pi Phone V

Ultrafast laser pulse created by golden nanoparticles

WoW! TSMC Sticks Whole Wafers Together

3D Printer Monitor for OctoPrint V

Arduino Ultra Mega Timers V

Dont Mess With Da Monkey

ESP-NOW: WiFi With 3x More Range V

Hot Ninja V

Interface Arduino with MPU6050 and Visualize the Data on GUI V

Laser Plotter: Sending the Drawing in GCODE V

Liquid Cell Transmission Electron Microscopy Makes a Window into the Nanoscale

One-Dimensional Material Packs a Powerful Punch for Next Generation Electronics

Rob the Automated Robot

Scientists create innovative new ‘green’ concrete using graphene

Taking The Heat: New High for NIST’s ‘Light Force’ Laser Power Meter

Why a robot can’t yet outjump a flea

Wireless Gesture Controlled Robot Using Micro-controller ATmega328

3-Axis Magnetic Field Sensor

A powerful laser breakthrough

A step closer to the optical nuclear clock

A Surprising New Superconductor

ALFRED: Sensor Based 4WD Vehicle V

Belle II Measures First Particle Collisions

Blue Origin Launches New Shepard Space Capsule on Highest Test Flight Yet

Controlling the crystal structure of gallium oxide

Convert Your Old Phone to a Remote Switch

DIY IoT Lamp for Home Automation V

Electrochemical Tuning of Single Layer Materials Relies on Defects

Folding Mobile Workbench V

How to assess new solar technologies

How to Build a GPS Guided Robot V

How to Make an LED Heart Display

How to Make Time Lapse Timer Remote for Mobile Phone Camera| DIY Intervalometer V

‘Infinitely’ recyclable polymer shows practical properties of plastics

IOT123 - Attiny85 Onboard Programming Jig

IR Remote Controlled Power Switch for Rapsberry Pi 3

Laser frequency combs may be the future of Wi-Fi

Led Disco Box V

Microbit-TVPong V

New materials for sustainable, low-cost batteries

NodeMCU Hall Effect Rain Gauge

Notificator V

Novel fibre optic receiver helps researchers break data transmission record

Raspberry Pi Door Notifier

Raspberry Pi Human Detector + Camera + Flask

Scientists introduce the data storage of the future

Stanford researchers have developed a water-based battery to store solar and wind energy

The world’s only floating power unit ‘Akademik Lomonosov’ takes the sea

WiFi Pocket Remote

Wireless Lunar Phase Tracker

World’s hardest material, diamond, is flexible V