The time has come to automate our good old fire alarms and make them part of an interconnected world.

Imagine your on vacation or out of town and there’s a fire in your house. You’ll probably be informed about it if you’re lucky within 20 to 30 minutes from a neighbor, but at that point it’s a bit late to reverse the damage. What if we could be informed of a house fire within a few seconds or minutes? Well, I believe that can be accomplished using the Particle Photon and Particle web services.

Step 1:
First thing will have to do is set up our Particle Photon. The instructions on how to setup your Particle device our described in the following link

Step 2:
Our second step is to connect our Particle Photon to our Particle relay shield v3.1 and in turn connect our flame sensor to the Photon. The relay shield can be used for many different purposes, for example theirs a fire in the middle of the night the Photon will turn on the lights within the vicinity that its installed in.

Below you’ll find a diagram of the Particle Photon and the wiring connection for the flame sensor.”


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