Ever since I started soldering, I was annoying by those pesky fumes. I kept on having to blow them away using my breath or swatting them away with my hands. But they kept bothering me. Soon I started to keep a fan nearby to blow them away and that worked pretty well but at times it was cold and I didn’t want to blow cool air on my face. So I started the hunt for a fume extractor. I used a few here and there but couldnt fine one that actually worked well. And all DIY solutions I saw didnt appeal me. So I set out to make my own DIY solution. One that would look sleek and work effectively.
In this instructable I will show you how to build your own fume extractor. One that might not end up saving the planet but will end up looking good on your work bench and working better than most solution in the market.
This build is a long time coming. I first made it an year ago and have been using it and changing the design. This version is the one I have been using for almost two months and I can confidently say that it is the best I have ever used and that is including the Hakko fume extractor and a very expensive industrial system.”


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