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Have you ever wanted to build a robot, but just didn’t have all the materials to build one without ending up with an unnecessarily bulky chassis? 3D printers are here to save the day! Not only can they create parts to be compatible with virtually any hardware, they can do it in a very space efficient way. Here I will show you how to create a very basic robot which features 3D printed parts, the Raspberry Pi Zero, and the Pi Camera. I would encourage you to take and modify what I have done to fit your practical or entertainment needs. To control the robot and view the camera feed, I built an IOS app (the PiBotRemote app) that you can feel free to use and modify. However, the real power in projects such as this derives from the diversity in the possibilities in both hardware and software. So I would encourage you to be creative and add to what I’ve done depending on what you know how to do. For example, I think it would be cool to make this robot use machine vision to recognize its surroundings and navigate similarly to a self-driving car.”

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