It’s been a long time since my previous tutorial, my work is quite busy and I spend less time on Instructables. This time is a project that I like very much since my first saw it on Kickstarter: Air Bonsai. I was really surprised at how the Japanese made it, really a beautiful and mysterious piece.
Any mystery can be explained by looking inside, where it works. I have learn a lot about air bonsai more than a month ago and it was actually a magnetic levitation. I have also seen many tutorials on how to make magnetic leviation and all of them are making an object levitating from above where there is an electromagnet controlled by the circuit. There are no instructions on how to make a circuit similar to air bonsai.
Take a look at my steps below to make your own bonsai air with Arduino.
Love this instruction? Let vote for me at Microcontroller contest in the end of this instruction. It is motivation for me to continue to do future instructions. Thanks.
Pls note English isn’t my native language, be generous with any grammatical errors. :D”


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