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Mini Filament Counter for 3d Printer

A couple of months ago I got a new roll of pla, I was printing things for a few days without any worries. Last week I went to print a large piece, 200 meters of filament according to Cura… I assumed there would be enough but no… So I decided that it was the last time that happened to me and I thought that if I counted the meters used , I could know the meters that were left. So I got to work and here it is, my mini filament counter!

To say that it is not a regressive counter, that is, it does not mark what you have and subtract it and does not keep the memory, you must write down what you are spending on each roll and thus be able to keep track. Can it be done better? Sure, but then it would be more expensive and bigger.

To carry out this project you will need a 3d printer, hahaha, really? Well, and a few more things:

(I do not use referral links so these are merely informative, however some of the ones I attached were my own purchases and others just similar, if you need more help, let me know :)

- Arduino pro mini 5v 328p
- 2 686zz bearings (1365)
- 2 neodymium magnets 5x5x2mm
- 1 oled screen 128*64 SPI
- 2 o-rings ID 11mm CS 2,5mm (I recommend buying the O-rings in any vehicle spare part, since sell a lot of them online and only need two, but I leave a link so you can see the model.)
- 1 Hall Effect Sensor
- 1 10K resistor
- USB Cable
- Mobile charger
- Terminals for the connections (although you can solder directly)”

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