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An open-source MICROSCOPE built using LEGO bricks, 3D-printing, Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Key Features
- Fully motorized: Camera angle, sample position, magnification and focus can be adjusted precisely using six stepper motors.
- Modular: Stages and modules can be arranged in any configuration depending on the application.
- Versatile: Uniform illumination guarantees high quality imaging for a variety of samples with reflective or transparent surfaces.
- Wide magnification range: Samples with features from several centimeters to several micrometers can be imaged without changing the objective lens.
- Low-cost: The whole assembly costs from $200 to $400 depending on the features and the vendors of the electronic components.
- The microscope uses a Raspberry Pi mini-computer with an 8MP camera to capture images and videos. Stepper motors and the illumination are controlled using a circuit board comprising an Arduino microcontroller, six stepper motor drivers and a high-power LED driver. All functions can be controlled from a keyboard connected to the Raspberry Pi or a separate custom-built Arduino joystick connected to the mainboard. LEGO bricks are used to construct the main body of the microscope to achieve a modular and easy-to-assemble design concept.”

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