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Modular Desk Organiser

If you’re like me, working/studying from home has taken a toll on the organisation of your desk. Because I’m using it so often, I don’t bother putting my notebooks, pens, paper and other random items away and they just end up lying there forever. Now, I have to search a good 10 minutes just in order to find that one green notebook. This organiser is modular and can be rearranged to fit whatever space you have available. This was inspired by a similar organiser (in a larger scale, called Konnex) I saw online and I just thought it was a really cool idea and wanted something like it in my own home. You can also use the same method to create it in a larger scale and use it as a shelf. The measurements I give are in order to create a small organiser that fits on your desk. It consists of 4 boxes that can be intersected of the following dimensions (all boxes are 150mm deep):

The following are the materials I used to create a small organiser that fits on your desk. If you wish to make it bigger (or smaller) you should adjust the measurements.

A computer or laptop with the CorelDraw software
A laser cutter. With a cutting plane of 406.4mmx304.8mm
6mm thick poplar plywood (of the following dimensions)
1 piece of 404mmx304mm
3 pieces of 254mmx304mm
1 piece of 304mx304mm
1 piece of 154mmx304mm
Wood glue
Gluing supports and clamps (not absolutely necessary but helpful)
Large rubber bands
Linseed oil”

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