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Live Sailboat Monitoring Over LoRa

This project is for building a live sailboat tracking system that communicates over LoRa with E22-900M30S modules!

- 3x DFRobot FireBeetle ESP32 IOT Microcontroller (Supports Wi-Fi & Bluetooth)
- 2x DFRobot GPS Module with Enclosure
- 2x DFRobot Gravity: I2C BMI160 6-Axis Inertial Motion Sensor
- 3x E22-900M30S Ebyte radio module. I bought mine from Ebay, although Amazon, Ebyte, and LCSC carry them also.
- 3x 915Mhz LoRa Antenna. I bought 2dBi ones, although 4-5dBi is optimal.
- 3x Capacitor 47 µF; Filtering capacitors for the radio modules. 10 - 220µF is ok.
- 3x 5V voltage boosters
- 3x 3.7v Battery Chargers
- 3x 3.7V Lithium Ion Batteries
- 3x Plastic Project Enclosures”

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