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The small, low power BMI160 is a low noise 16-bit IMU designed for mobile applications such as AR or indoor navigation, providing highly accurate sensor data and real-time sensor data. The low current consumption of BMI160 enables always-on applications in battery-driven devices. This sensor features a configurable on-chip interrupt engine which provides motion-based gesture recognition and context awareness as always-on background functions. The BMI160 is compatible with the Qeexo FingerSense application.

Live Sailboat Monitoring Over LoRa

“This project is for building a live sailboat tracking system that communicates over LoRa with E22-900M30S modules! Supplies - 3x DFRobot FireBeetle ESP32 IOT Microcontroller (Supports Wi-Fi & Bluetooth) - 2x DFRobot GPS Module with Enclosure - 2x DFRobot Gravity: I2C BMI160 6-Axis …

How to Make a Wristband Pedometer

“I am fond of walking and running in the district I live in. I enjoy the time to be alone because some awesome ideas always come to me at this time. Recently I bought a 6-Axis Inertial Motion Sensor from …