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Somatic - Data Glove for the Real World

The Somatic is a wearable keyboard and mouse that’s comfortable, unobstructive, and ready for all-day wear. It’s loaded with all the hardware to translate hand signs and motions into actions, like the somatic component of a spell in Dungeons and Dragons.
For the most up-to-date design files, code, and utilities, visit the project page on GitHub.
Each knuckle has a Hall sensor, and the first segment of each finger has a magnet. Flexing a finger pivots its magnet out of position, allowing the Somatic to map your hand.
An EM7180SFP IMU near the thumb provides 9-degree tracking. Eventually, this will allow you to move a mouse cursor by pointing, and type letters by drawing them in midair.
The Somatic is still an early-stage project, and will be a challenging build for experienced makers.

The Somatic project’s priorities are:

Control any wearable computer with a heads-up display
Ready to use all day, instantly, with no Internet
Doesn’t cause fatigue or interfere with other tasks
Fast enough to do a quick search in less than 10 seconds
The Somatic will not:

Reproduce your hand in 3-D space
Let you type on a virtual keyboard
Use any cloud services at all
The Somatic project is MIT licensed, copyright 2019 Zack Freedman and Voidstar Lab.

Thanks to Alex Glow for modeling the Somatic!

4x three-lead JST harnesses
4x A3144 Hall sensors
At least 4 10mm x 4mm neodymium cylinder magnets
One pair of weightlifter’s half gloves
1/8” paracord
1/8” or 3/16” heatshrink tubing
PLA or PETG filament
TPU filament
4x 6mm M2.5 screws
4x 8mm M2.5 screws
8x M2.5 nuts
1x 303040 Li-Ion battery
Electronic components (see schematic in repository)
Stranded wire, preferably silicone-insulated and flexible
Bus wire, for constructing stripboard circuits
Recommended: Mannequin hand
You must have access to a printer that can print both a rigid material like PLA and a flexible material like TPU.”

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