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Recycle Bin that sorts rubbish based on the sound of collision using Edge AI audio classification.

According to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) in NSW, it is predicted that about 50% of all waste could be recycled, but in reality only 10% can be successfully carried out because they are not sorted properly. This is a common problem that we are facing globally. Educational recycling campaigns and implementations of standardised recycling labels have been implemented, but a lot of people still have recycling confusion and the problem persists.I created a Smart Recycle Bin that can listen to the sound of your rubbish and uses Audio Classifier ML model to distinguish the collision sound of different objects that is thrown into the bin. The recycle bin will then sort the waste into their respective compartments.

Project specifications
- Microcontroller: Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense (nRF52840)

- Input voltage: 12V DC (3s LiPo)
- Standby: 19.8 mW (ongoing inferencing)
- Peak: 5.28 W

Build materials:
- 20% Acrylic
- 20% 3D printed PLA
- 55% Aluminium
- 5% Others

- Rotating base: Stepper motor 17HS3401
- Trapdoor: Hobby servo motor DS3225

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