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In 2020, back when I had just started my sophomore year of high school, I built a very basic sand plotter robot that drew patterns in sand. Three years later, I wanted to use the skills that I have taught myself to revisit the design in order to be able to take it to college with me to Purdue in a couple of weeks! You can read more about the original robot here

The original inspiration came when I saw an Instagram ad for the SANDSARA Indiegogo campaign back in late 2019/early 2020.

This redesign has been in the making for the past six months. I recently wrote it up on my main blog here, however it was more of a showcase. I will attempt to explain in detail how to construct it, but feel free to leave a comment or contact me if you would like any more information :)


- 3D Printer
- ESP32 DevKit V1
- 2x TMC2208 -or- TMC2209 stepper drivers
- 2x mini nema 17 pancake steppers
- 2x hall effect endstop (generic ones will work fine)
- TSL2561 light sensor
- Panel mount USB-C and DC power jack
- Custom PCB
- 4 inch lazy susan bearing
- Assorted countersunk M3 screws
- SK6812 RGBW led strip (1m) I used 144 leds/m
- M3 heat set inserts (4.5mm OD)
- Assorted 2,3,4,5 pin JST connectors and SMT sockets.
- 400MM GT2 timing belt w/ pulleys.”

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