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Touch Screen Business Card

I am a Mechanical Engineer by degree, but I have also developed skills in Electrical Engineering and programming from years of projects involving circuitry and microcontrollers. Since employers will expect that I have skills in Mechanical Engineering due to my degree, I decided to make a business card that would showcase my EE and programming skills. I considered a range of options, from a custom-designed PCB with my name and contact info on it and a few useful reference tables, to a PCB with that and a little LED flashlight circuit on it, but ultimately I went with the most elaborate option I was considering, which was a business card with an Arduino and a touch screen on it that would let someone scroll through various information about me. It is admittedly highly elaborate and costly for a business card, but of the possible designs I considered is is easily the coolest and was also the most fun to design and make.

MicroSD card (optional, I loaded my resume and portfolio onto a MicroSD card inserted into the LCD screen)
Custom carrier board
Header pins
Adafruit Touch Screen (P/N 2478)
Adafruit Pro Trinket 3.3V (P/N 2010)
Adafruit Push Button Power Control Board (P/N 1400)
Adafruit Li-Ion/Li-Poly Backpack Board (P/N 2124)
Adafruit 150 mAh LiPo battery (P/N 1317)
Adafruit Momentary Push Button (P/N 3105)
2X Resistor 1.2K Ohm SMT 0805
1X Resistor 220 Ohm SMT 0805

Diagonal flush cutters
Wire strippers
MicroUSB cable
99% isopropyl alcohol
Silicone conformal coating
Solder paste
Hot air rework station
Soldering iron”

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