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Controlling your computer by using hotkeys and macros is a great way of speeding up your workflow. Unfortunately a device dedicated to doing that (for example Elgato’s Stream Deck) will cost you about $120.
That is why I designed FreeTouchDeck. FreeTouchDeck will cost you about $20 (including shipping!) to make. It uses an ESP32 and a 3.5” touch screen. Keystrokes and macros are send via Bluetooth to your Windows, MacOS, or Linux computer.
You can customize your FreeTouchDeck by using the configurator. The configurator is a webpage that is hosted on the ESP32 itself. You can customize menus, buttons, logos and colours. You can also create your own button logos and upload them.
This is a really simple build and will take up less then an hour of your time + a few cups of coffee. I designed it so it can be build using parts that can be easily found on AliExpress and Banggood but can also be found locally if you do not want to wait a while before the postman comes.
A 38-pin ESP32-WROOM-32 Development Board
An ILI9488 TFT screen with XPT2046 touch controller
An optional ESP32 + TFT Combiner PCB

A soldering iron and solder.
Wire strippers (if you are not using the PCB).
Flush cutter.”

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