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Arduino MIDI Poly Synth - MiniSy (Musical Instrument)

3 Oscillators Polyphonic Synth with MIDI using the Arduino Nano.

My simple project of a Polyphonic Synthetizer using the Arduino Nano. It is simple but it is possible to play music with it. Up to 3 musical notes can be played simultaneously, so it is possible to play chords on it.

I wrote this code for fun, it is a polysynth with 3 oscillators (polyphony = 3) and respond to MIDI notes. The keyboard is used here only to send the MIDI notes to the arduino (act as a MIDI controller) and the sound is actually generated by the arduino and comes out of its digital pins.

This Arduino synth uses the Tone function to use the internal timers (Arduino Nano has 3 timers) to generate square wave. MIDI data infomation is sent over the DIN connector (5 pin, not USB) to the RX Pin 1 of Arduino.

It is possible to connect an effects pedal (guitar) to the sound output and make the synth sounds much more interesting and professional, adding delay, chorus, phaser, flanger, reverb distortion, etc. I use the effects pedal Zoom model MS-70CDR, I get wonderful and killer effects in stereo.”

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